Friday, June 19, 2009

Black Feet Shama

I have heard a lot about the black feet shama. I wouldn't do myself justice if I did not have the pleasure of keeping at least a specimen in my collection. Some says that they are more aggressive, some says that they are more hardworking singers, some says that its all nonsense. Well, keeping one does not make me the expert. So what if that one is more aggressive, so what if it starts singing in record time (from wild caught), it can only have statistical significance if I can document more specimens.

I know of one that was just sold off by its owner because the owner thinks that its just a so and so bird only. The buyer too subsequently sold him off. Hmmm.... Perhaps its time we have a set standard of what constitutes a "black feet" shama ;)

This is my "black feet" shama:

Close up of the feet (front view):

Close up of the feet (back view):

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