Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chiku, a Red-whiskered bulbul

I woke up one morning (10/06/09) and heard a Red-whiskered bulbul singing in my garden. It is a normal usual sound but what was unusual was that the bulbul is flying freely around. I checked all the cages and found Chiku's cage empty.
This is him singing away:

I placed his cage on the fence and hope that he would just hop in. He has escaped 3 times with his previous owner, through a large gap at the top of his cage. I thought my cage was secured and only found out a bar was broken at the top only much later.
However, he has difficulty finding the entrance to his cage and I was getting impatient. Finally caught him with a trap made by a friend (featured earlier in my blog). Just hope he doesn't get angry with me ;)

Quite funny seeing him fight with his own image reflected on my car. Wound down the car window after that but he didn't enter the car. There were many more funny behaviours which were not captured on film as I was busy tying my best to lure him back to his cage. It is still not safe out there yet. Caught another cat in my house trying to get to my breeding pair of doves. Released him in Melaka Raya today. I am becoming like an animal controller :)

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