Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hill Myna

Wow! I have finally moved to the dark side ;) figure of speech ;)

Got myself a baby Java Hill Myna. Does he has a big appetite.
Anyway, I have digressed a little from songbirds to talking-birds. Sue me ;)
There is a load that I have to come to terms with. Extra noise level and poop level hehehe! concern on the iron accumulation commonly faced by this specie (hemochromatosis).

Actually I got this Myna with the purpose of entertaining my children and guests (comes Chinese New Year). Kind of cool if he can say "Hello Marcus", "Hello Michelle", "Gong Xi Fa Cai" hahaha! Then comes the challenge. I do sometimes talk to my dogs and birds, but I do not do so in the presence of people (didn't want them to think I am nuts or something). So, how am I going to teach this young bird to talk. Ah! then comes modern technology to the rescue. I got my children to repeat the verses I want the Myna to learn, record it and transfered it to my handphone. I read somewhere, birds learn faster when listening to children or women. So that takes care of one department.

Whenever I am free I just leave my phone playing non-stop (in loops) near the Myna's cage and (keeping fingers crossed) he will one day learn to say what we wanted. Yeah, this is fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Yap,

It's kee here. Just hope you won't regret getting involve with Hill Mynah. Very noisy bird. Eat a lot and shit like mountain woh! Those are not the main problem yet. The main problem will arise if your neighbourhood naughty boys secretly start teaching the bird to swear and you will have a big headache..hehe. The threat is quite real because they learn fast and mimic like human.

dance4rain said...

Hi Kee,
Yeah, regretting it already hahaha!
So much noise, so demanding, so sharp claws, so sharp beak :D