Tuesday, September 8, 2009

J.B. Bird Competition

On 6th Sept 2009, I went with Hock to Tmn Ungku Tun Aminah to participate in the bird competition there. Since I followed him, I was undecided whether to take Zeus (Shama), Ten (the ten year old Jambul) or Kekek (the Jambul with long kekek). Finally decided to take Kekek. We met at 5.30a.m. and off we go for an early breakfast in Bakri then reaching Tmn Ungku Tun Aminah around 9a.m. Hock brought along his Magpie (champ in previous comp in Batu Pahat on 1st Aug).

The place didn't change much since I was there 2 years ago. Met up with Mr. John Yim and just manage to register our birds in the nick of time before the competition starts at 9.30a.m.

To make a long story short, Hock's Magpie got 8th place, Kekek didn't get any placing (out of 60 Jambuls competing) and along the way home, I manage to pick up a Spotted Dove in Yong Peng. This Dove has an eye missing. I just felt sorry for him. Anyway, this is the best way to ensure that he remains in my home for long. Can't let him go, can't sell him hahaha!

Looks like he is stuck with me and I with him, for good, for bad, in sickness and health...... till death do us part ;)

I called him "Lanun" which means pirate. Now, where can I get an eye-patch for him?

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