Monday, October 19, 2009

New Member in the Family

Long tailed Shamas are quite hard to find. Harder still are long tailed Shamas that are good structurally and most importantly, to me is one with a good "heart". One that is brave and not easily spooked. This is so that on a rough and tumble cross country journey to compete in faraway towns, they will still arrive in top form ;)

I am lucky to come into possession of a good specimen of the long tailed Shama. Its considered a gift from a good friend who is a connoiseur of the White-rumped Shamas as I only paid a fraction of its worth. Currently just completed his molt and hopefully will rise in form in the coming one or two months time (keeping my fingers crossed that it won't happen the other way round ;) - drop on form.... yikes!)

A few molted mealworms smeared with a liquid vitamin for breakfast:

He went for it with great enthusiasm:

Because I was rushing out to work in the morning, I only manage to capture a few shots using my mobile phone. So, quality is a bit grainy. Will get down to more serious video shooting when he really gets settled down.

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