Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zosterops Palpebrosa Pt.1

After much debate about Oriental White-eye (OWE) and Everett's White-eye EWE), finally I decided to get a pair of OWE. Cannot really say though, but looks like OWE, the owner swears its a OWE and sound like OWE. So, it must be an OWE hahaha!

Unfortunately the male (shown in picture) decided to leave my house today (escaped from a gap in the bathing cage), I am just too tired to trap him back. Already kept all my Putehs, lazy to hang them out again. If I do, I think he will not go too far & comes back. Especially so since there is a female in the house :)
Well, I have always been firm about escaped birds. If they want to leave, by all means (especially when they escaped on their own) they can hehehe!
Unless they are the type that cannot fend for themselves (baby birds & handicapped birds), I am not too bothered.

Anyway, as a consolation, I just got one OWE that has a thunderous voice. I will call him Thor for the moment. Offered to me out of the blue by a trader. Deal is, I have to give him half of the proceed if I sell the bird. I reminded him that I do not sell birds and it could be a long wait for him hehehe!
Will think of something to give him later ;)

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