Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dead Birds??

Some time this year, there was a strange occurrence that I have nearly forgotten until a repeat today. See, I found a dead Peaceful Dove in my garden. On my porch to be exact. I have heard of cats that brings prey they have caught back to their owners. But I do not own cats....
The dead bird appears uninjured. So, I was wondering why it choose to die in my home. One probable reason could be because there are many birds in my home and it sound as close to bird paradise as it could possibly get within miles hahaha!

Today, a visiting friend pointed to me a dead Peaceful Dove lying on my brick wall. The bird appears too to be uninjured and full feathered. The eyes were a little sunken, indicating that it could have been dead there for many hours already. I unceremoniously wrap it up in a newspaper, to be disposed off later. But after considering the repeat of this weird incidence, I decided to give it a proper burial.

The dead Peaceful Dove:

After picking a nice spot, I assembled the necessary tools. Luckily, I managed to find a crow bar to loosen the ground because it is quite hard. And a mini "cangkul" came in handy to perfect the work.

The tools:

This is the nice spot where the dove is buried, underneath a palm tree:

Well, as long as they are not my own captive birds dying, I do not mind performing for them the last rituals ;)

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