Monday, November 23, 2009

Hooded Pitta

Ah! I didn't want to blog about this specie just because it is totally protected under the law. But then in a situation where I have to choose between helping to care for such a specie and risking being caught breaking the law, I chose the former. But then I make sure I document its progress and its final reintroduction into the wild.

Seriously though, I have never seen a Hooded Pitta before and so does some active birders I know. It is classified under "uncommon" in a book I own. Luckily, information from the internet came to the rescue. I have no idea what it eats until I Google it up. Appears to thrive on earthworms, snails and insects.

So, crickets and mealworms it shall be. And as in all Malaysian birds, chicken feed also came to the rescue ;). Quite tame fella actually and quickly learns to eat chicken feed. Loud call, which unfortunately I did not manage to record.

Released the Pitta to the Melaka Botanical Park this morning on the way to work since it is strong and healthy.

Here he is looking a bit scared being release in a botanical garden (one of the few safe places left). Probably scared of the new place and the video camera ;)

Entrance to the Malacca Botanical Garden (formerly known as the "Hutan Rekreasi" - recreational forest)


Anonymous said...

I had not seen these birds before now.

mikebirder said...

I saw one in a suburb park in PJ recently. Where did you get hold of it injured. Glad that you released it to its natural habitat. Most probably a migrant