Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apollo 6 & other baby birds

In a drive to reduce stock, Apollo 6 would soon be adopted by a friend. However, I was cautioned by another friend about my attempts to reduce stock...... it just never happened hahahaha!

Well, this should be the umpteen times I am trying to reduce stock. Hope I am lucky this round.

The below is a baby chick which I have successfully incubated using my crude incubator made of ply wood. It is the first chick out of 2 eggs taken from a tall tree by some villagers. A friend then called me to see whether I want to rescue those eggs. It was a long story which I will continue later when I have the inspiration....

Out of 2 eggs, so far 1 hatched. Hopefully the other will hatch. Then comes the difficult part - to raise them and their eventual release back to the wild. It can be done, has been done but not well documented in this part of the world.

Something exciting is happening soon. Hopefully by March, I can blog about it ;)

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