Saturday, January 16, 2010

Padang Merbok

Was a bit busy today but a friend called and suggested we meet at the place where they hang Merboks for competition and training. As I was the one who ask him to get me some thick perches, varnished and dried, I had to make time. I arrived quite late about 12 noon and decided to bring along a Merbok (Zebra Dove) and a Tekukur (Spotted Dove) since I am going there. Have decided to stay away from Zebra Doves as I see it as a sport for those with deep pockets ;D
A case of sour grapes? hahahaha!

As I was hoisting my Merbok up the pole, he started singing. It was windy and my dirt cheap RM14 cage was tilted at a 45 degree angle, yet he was cooing his notes. A "C" bird with a .8 sound at best, so not really for serious competition. What amuse me was that its a long time since I bring him out and equally long time since he was put into a small cage. Hmmm not bad on the "rajin" side. Deserves some TLC when we get back ;)
Oh!..... and there were moments when the whole field is quiet except for his cooing sound as it was windy and most cages was swaying to and fro. My friend asked me what steroid I fed the bird :D

Merbok in a RM14 cage:

Incidently, I have a habit of using the cheapest type of cage I can lay my hands on. Last Sunday, my Shama has to compete in a RM50 cage with the bottom held up with wires - otherwise the warped bottom is unsightly.

The perches that I collected (for my 2 Hwamei):

A video of the dove at home:

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KFLee said...


Nice bird. Do you mind to tell me where you buy this bird ? I intend to buy one but so far cannot find a shop have good one.