Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bird Food

I always seem to have problem keeping my Jambuls and mata Puteh in good form. Other than human error on my part, I strongly suspect that the bird food is partly to blame. The last straw is opening a moldy packet of food. In fact it wasn't the first instance. I have thrown out a similarly degraded packet if food before.

Now, identifying a grossly deteriorated food is easy. But how about those that are already deteriorated but not to an advance level as to be able to physically see it or even smell it. Some packets of food are more aromatic than others. So, those that don't smell as good, are they any more good for the birds. Jambuls don't eat a lot, so will it be worse after exposure to air when placed in the cup. To change the food daily or give enough to consume for the day is both risky and too much work.

Could it be this uncertainty in food quality that is causing some birds to drop in form, molt before it's time, fall sick etc. I think I can't rely on the food available locally for Jambuls and Putehs. Will be making my own fortified food base on chicken feed from now on for both these species. Until I can find a commercially viable alternative, my own concoction should be a safer bet.

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -

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