Monday, September 27, 2010

Song of the White-rumped Shama Pt.2 of 79

When discussing songs of the White-rumped Shama, maybe we should separate its song from the other sounds that it makes.... sub-song, clicking sound etc. which undoubtedly may also be a form of communication, but not its true song as it is known, which is delivered deliberately and with force. Seperate its spectacular display from its song, even though I believe its an important part of the song communication. By sound alone, a lesser Shama can be cowed into submission and stressed out sometimes to the extent of entering into a depressed state and a stress molt.

The fact that a Shama mimics sounds from its environment may be proof that the actual sound matters less but the way it is presented and strung together could be more important. Of course I am no authority on this but for now, if I were to study it, I would try to isolate the way it is presented to find a co-relation. Now, to reach statistical significance, where the hell can I find another 42 Shama licenses??? :-D


stanleyseah999 said...

wah bro why you need 42 licences?!!
i just need another 4 puteh licences and i can't seem to get them lol.

dance4rain said...

42 licenses not possile, just a thought to reach the number 50 to reach statistical significance ;-)

Anyway, don't take me seriously. I never am.