Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bumper harvest.... feeder fish

It is almost impossible to get good stock of feeder fish. Nobody seems to be carrying stock of such fishes for sale around the area where I live. Catching some myself from the wild has proven to be a little time consuming & not justifiable by the amount of time & effort put into it.

From experience, timing is of essence. Below is the harvest of 3 scoops from the monsoon drain after a heavy downpour using a normal fish net sold in the aquarium shop.

Have to stop at 3 scoops as any more would only raise the mortality of the fishes. The bottom of the pail cannot be seen, giving an indication of the amount harvested and speedy transport of the fishes to a bigger holding tub is Important. The whole fiasco lasted only about half an hour as water level from the monsoon drain quickly subsides.

Must look out for heavy downpour nowadays :)

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