Friday, September 20, 2013

Turkistan Roach

Was thinking of destroying or giving away my culture of Turkistan Roaches. The aviary birds don't really fancy eating them. The caged birds, out of lack of choice, if given the Turks, will gladly devour them. Problem is they are quite fast moving and difficult to catch. sometimes when the bird pecks at them and leave them on the floor they quickly ran away, which may pose a problem later on....

So, I replaced egg trays with bunched up newspapers as hiding areas for them. Harvesting is also made easier as it is much more convenient to handle the much smaller bunched up newspaper than the egg trays. Knocking them into plastic tubs and picks up suitable size roaches with a pair of tweezers and squeeze them half dead.
Hmmm.... lets not waste good food. Will continue feeding them to caged birds.... just a little bit more work :)

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