Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zeus (3)

Zeus today performed beyond expectation at the competition in Bt Pahat. Now, why would I say that its beyond expectation? I actually was hoping for some consolation prizes for the effort but from round one, words was abuzz about the no. 30 Shama (Zeus) hehehe!

This was what was reported to me by a friend:
1) One of the judges was mumbling something about no.30
2) Someone said that no.30 is from Muar
3) Various other comments

That was when we realised Zeus has become a favourite to win on that day. My friend Hock told me top 5 sure got one hahaha!
So it was a pleasant surprised.

Back to the question - why do I think that Zeus is not up to mark? Maybe because of the way he behaved at the "chai" area in Melaka. Or maybe he does not have the quality I would like a top Shama to have. He was an average Shama to me.

However on the competition day, I would think that he turned the tables due to his enthusiasm. Displaying and singing like a Shama on steroid for the 1st round at least. That is where he clinched his advantage with a leading 0.5 points above the closest Shama. He toned down on round 3 and 4, but sufficient to match other top birds. I was not there on round 2 because we went out to have breakfast. I think that was how he managed to win against other "better" birds.

It also helps that the cloth cover was removed at the last minute as I am aware that Zeus always does his best in the first half hour or so. If the cloth was removed too early, he may have run out of steam before the judge move to his cage.

This is him on the first round. Difficult to video him as he was quite inside the ring and blocked by other cages.

What was established on that day:
1) Timing is important
2) You do not need a beautiful cage to win (mine was a cheap 2nd hand RM60 cage hehe!)
3) At least judges, judged birds on their own merits for the day - I am an unknown player but still can get top prize ;)
4) An element of luck - the slight breeze blowing that day makes Zeus's tail appears to be flicked higher than normal ;)
5) Be Prepared: Zeus was fed 6 crickets in the morning for extra energy. 2 of which was enriched by being injected with multivitamins

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