Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finding Nemo Pt. 1/3

My son has been bugging me to get a "Nemo Fish" for him for some now. Persistent little fella, him. So bought a bag of salt today and will try to turn my 4ft fresh water aquarium into a marine tank. Did try a 1ft aquarium once but the fish died. Maybe it's difficult to control the water parameter.

Given a choice, I would have went for a planted aquarium instead. Oh, well I have the birds to worry about, better leave the aquatic plants alone.

Have a bunch of tetras that need to be rehomed. Will put them up for adoption in the forum soon. Meanwhile have to get them out before I pour the salt in. One thing about switching from fresh water to salt water or vice versa is that it would get rid of existing problem - fresh water algae or salt water algae. I had unpleasant encounter before - both with black algae and red algae.

Finding Nemo (Clown Fish) prove to be a bit trickier now - difficult find in my local fish shop. And the price has gone up - purportedly because they are captive bred.

Now, that is definitely good for our environment ;-)
Will stay away from buying live coral for the same reason.

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