Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things seemingly unrelated

Chinese New Year this year coincides with Valentine's Day. It appears off to a good romantic start hehe! But don't quote me ;)

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous Year ahead. May we be blessed with good health, joy, happiness, untold riches and birds of our dream ;)

A little thought that seemingly unrelated to bird keeping but in a lot of way, it is. Blogging.

There are a few close friends that lost interest in blogging, so naturally I have to do a self evaluation of why I do it. Stemming from the combination of the word "web" & "log" (hope I am right as I did not google it up), so it must be some kind of log. So basically I am doing it for myself as an online log of things that interest me. As a diary or journal of some sort for future use. If someone finds it interesting & follows it, then I most honoured. If not then it is still perfectly alright.

In my opinion blogging must serve a personal purpose to sustain the interest. I have even started a private blog where I speak to my children as if I am going to die tomorrow. Well, life is definitely uncertain. I can only be certain that I will die one day. But when is the million dollar question ;) Even if I live to be an old man, I suppose it would make for fun & good reading by then hehe!

Well, my point of all this mumbling is about having a purpose to do things. Which also incidently why I have basic ground rules before I started keeping birds. There is a plan for all - in the event I can no longer take care of them, in an event of concern like the avian flu epidermic and all the eventualities that cross my mind. Even if when & should my kids develop an allergy to things avian.

Just a thought to share :)

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