Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cage cover for better security

Trying out a 3 sided cover to better tame a bird. Both side and back is covered with recycled advertisement buntings to provide a better & more cozy environment for the Straw-headed Bulbul. Will try to find a mate for this fella soon. This bird should make it to the TP (totally protected) list. So rare nowadays. Not much interest in the bird locally, mostly oversea demand I was told.

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -


Unknown said...

Reminds me of those box cage with 3sides covered that were used in the olden days for newly wild caught hwameis.

shutterbug86 said...

hey bro, imho, you should cover the top as well.

my jambuls in penang cages are covered this way too.

better to cover the top i think, cos in other birds if top not covered they tend to par leng tow...


dance4rain said...

Yes Jeff, it's inspired by those cages. Seems to be working well. He used to jump all over when a human is near (in an open round 16" cage). He seems more comfortable now & less jumpy.

Shutterbug, thanks for your input. I initially wanted to cover the top. But ran out of material hahaha! Anyway "pa leng tow" also OK. I am not too keen on these bulbuls. Only taking an interest coz they are really getting scarce. Want to learn more about them ;-)

shutterbug86 said...

no problem bro.

anyway can i know your location?

am a young amateur keeper here, been following your blog for quite some time.

might be able to meet hopefully, can steal a pointer or two from you!

dance4rain said...

I am from Malacca. As to pointers, you would probably have more to share. I am still new at all these bird keeping stuff. Give me another 10 years maybe ;-)