Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Destiny of venues

Now, I am a student of energy.... and an oddity that arose (bird related) which can be considered a nice coincident is how a place among the so many others attract certain activities. Like how some places attract food vendors, DVD sellers, prostitutes & millionaires.

I have recently taken over a venue to breed Shamas. And coincidently, many years ago long before I kept my first bird, that was the exact venue used by a breeder for the same purpose. He managed to produce 11" birds, so I heard.

That could very well be the first successful breeding in the country (to my knowledge). That to me is a very odd coincidence. I would think that my country is big enough to reduce the chances of that happening to...... lets say striking a jackpot in a lottery draw? I mean how many people could there be that is interested in Shamas. And from this group, how many would be interested to breed them? and from there, what are the chances of two people who does not know each other picks the same place. Or could it be the place that is doing the picking :-@

...... hairs standing to the soundtrack of "Twilight Zone", a retro tv series......

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