Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shama pair no. 1

Just my luck that when I move this pair out, an egg was laid. For a long time when I did not disturb them, they did not produce. Have to choose during a molt to produce.... sigh!
Anyway, as with most first timers, I take a little consolation that the eggs may not be fertile (and proven with no activity in the incubator).
Thinking of getting a new incubator, but the seller is avoiding me like the plaque. Can't for the life of me understand why. The friend I recommend to buy from him just yesterday manage to get him on the phone at the first ring.... maybe my money not "halal" hahaha!


Unknown said...

Great Bro..! nice birds nice perch!

Anonymous said...

wow dance4rain the perch is also available at peninsular, great..wongkoi

dance4rain said...

Aisay! so so bird only. Perch is a reject. Too big for anybody to use hahaha!
Anyway, Wongkoi, these twisted vines are plentiful around here. Personally I prefer straight even perches. Then I don't have to crack my head how to position perches :-D