Friday, March 25, 2011

Raptor Watch

Today (24th March 2011, 5.45p.m.), when I was on my way back home from work, I identified 3 Honey Buzzards that was soaring somewhere near Tanjung Kling. They slowly circled and moved Southward towards the mainland. Eeek! aren't they moving in the wrong direction? Thought they are suppose to be on their way back :-D

A few moments later, came a huge bird from the horizon, flapping its gigantic wing. A spectacular White-bellied Sea Eagle, flew towards the coastline. Ah! it pays to just leave the binoculars lying in the car ;-)
Many occassions I have observed raptors but was never able to positively identify them safe for a few Brahminy Kites.

A couple weeks ago, another version of raptor watch.... real up close watching hahaha!
A Black Baza, accidently caught by a villager in a mist net somewhere in Ayer Molek.

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