Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chai Merbok

Today is the first time I go and "chai" merbok.
7 month old merbok that I obtained from Yusuf, a friend. B class.
Hang him at half pole and at the fringe of the field as advised by some old timers there. Tan, a fellow hobbyist said that he heard the merbok called once and was impressed. If it could maintain its voice, then I probably could compete him later on. As for me, I didn't actually hear him because I was busy chit chatting, observing other people's merboks and went off for breakfast. Was there about 10am and went back by 12.30pm.

Well, the purpose wasn't that actually (competing merboks), just want to blend in with their crowd...... then the Shamas could make a smoother transition to the adjoining field hehehe! Never good to isolate ourselves. We must move with the bigger crowd ;)

However something seems to be wrong with my camera phone. Pictures all turn out very dark. Must have been all the mishandling it is receiving. Have to brighten it with with some software.

This is my new pet - circled in red:

Scene at the other end of the field:

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