Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shama Meet - Melaka (2)

Today: 21st Sept 2008
No. of Shamas = 5
Mata Puteh = 4
Merbah Jambul = 1
Terkukur Pikat = 2
Merbok Pikat = 1

It is a natural extension to a "chai" place - new member, new things to do. One new Shama player came although number of birds reduced due to 2 members being busy (1 went to Genting, 1 went to K.L.). Brought my Jambul out today and ask a friend to get me a Terkukur to train as pikat just to join in the fun. I have no intention to go catch the wild terkukurs. Just want to train until I get a bird that sings when pegged to the ground. Today is a first outing for Zeus (Shama) to this place. He performed well initially but lost steam along the way. Maybe not in top condition yet. Will need to evaluate whether he is ready for the Batu Pahat comp on 5th Oct. Might have to leave him behind.


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