Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Flying Mata Puteh

This was an experiment with a Mata Puteh kept much like a Pigeon.
First there was a flight enclosure to get him accustomed to his area, then the door was left open with fruits, water and pellets available in the flight enclosure so that he can fly in to eat whenever he wanted to. It worked well the first 4 days he was free with even a night spent in the enclosure with the company of a sunbird.

However of late, he appears to be taking an interest in other birds, coming into the house, roosting on top of other Mata Puteh's cage. He even took a liking to my female Shama that he squeezes himself inside the cage to eat and just hang around (as shown below).

On the night that he decided to spend the night in the house, I have to put a stop to it for a few reasons. Firstly being the danger of him flying and hitting the ceiling fan. Secondly for fear of him unknowingly venturing into the Shrike's cage. His freedom temporarily ended on the 8th of September when I caught him with a trap (he is actually semi wild). Maybe I would experiment with a Shama next ;)

Here he is deciding to become an indoor bird at night:

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