Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buying a Pikat (Red Jungle Fowl)

Buying a bird or a pet for oneself is already hard enough. Buying for a friend is even more difficult. Trust aside, there is the difference in judgement, preference and "gut feeling" factors. Especially so when choosing a bird to be trained as a lure (or locally know as a "pikat" or "denak"). Not only must it be beautiful, but there are many criteria to be met - its vocal sound, braveness, play etc. etc. which actually I am not too well versed with.

So, after dumping him under a tree beside the bird shop to see his reaction, I took him home base on gut feeling (and trusting the shop keeper) :D Its on the pricey side if you were to ask me (for a chicken, that is ;) )

Anyway, hope this chicken turns out well.

On another note, since I am writing on this RJF, a friend did mention to me his interest in organising a competition - "Pertandingan Kokok Ayam Denak" which basically translate to Chicken Crowing Competition :D
I think it has merits. Not only would it bring together a large crowd of enthusiasts who has been keeping these chickens quietly (Grey Area with the law), it would encourage breeding back the RJF to get the original crow.

Now, I wonder whether anybody has documented what a real RJF should sound like (I hope someone did), but the criteria set by trappers generally tallies and I do believe it has some basis. I do hope this friend of mine pulls it off (organising the competition) and may he receive all the help and assistance he needs from hobbyists and the relevant authorities. I know for sure there won't be a lack of candidates for such competitions.

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