Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Of White Crow and RJF chicks

Found this oddity of nature for sale in a bird shop. An albino crow. Now, what would be the occurence rate of an albino crow? One in a million? And one that survives to show itself? Anyway, I was made to understand that certain people view it as a lucky omen to have one.

Then on Vesak eve and on Vesak day itself, some RJF chicks hatched. All in 5 chicks hatched from 5 eggs I placed in my crude incubator. 1 eventually died due to some disorder that made the chick eats very little. The 4 surviving chicks appear to be quite healthy and active. Since they are born on an auspicious time, I have decided to release them in Asahan (near a place known as Mount Ophir or Gunung Ledang)when they grow bigger. This is a place full of mystery and legend. I have yet to scale this mountain, maybe one of these days ;)

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