Thursday, May 28, 2009

Telomian Dog

This is non bird related but its a thing that I am also interested in. Actually its something I have been interested in longer than my bird keeping days.

It happen earlier this year (was meaning to write about it but just couldn't find the inspiration) when I visited the local council to get licenses for my dogs. Anyway, they are not new dogs, its just that I let the license expired too long and need to get new ones. Interestingly, I was passed some simple forms to fill up and part of it was attached to the brochure below. I noticed a dog "Telomian" (pictured below) and couldn't help myself but to ask for better clarification.

"What is a Telomian?" I asked. The reply was short and straight to the point - "anjing biasa" which means normal dogs. Well, I gave her a short lecture on "Mongrels" and "Telomians" which are distinctly different. All the while I have listed my dogs as Mongrels even though they are a pedigreed dog.

For the fun of it, I have decided to list my dogs as Telomians this year. Telomians are supposed to be an ancient breed of dog that originates from Malaysia. Not many people know that and if I have not been misled by what I have read, these are the real Malaysian dogs that one day I hope to keep and breed (in their true untainted form). I am not aware of any effort to save this ancient breed from extinction, maybe there is, maybe there isn't. Lets hope there is ;)

There is a vast improvement on the quality of the dog license badges that was issued and to that due compliment was quickly offered:

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