Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starting again with Red-whiskered Bulbuls

Well, its as good as any time to re-start again my keeping of Merbah Jambuls (Red-whiskered Bulbuls). I did have a few some time ago. Most were given away and one was sold off. Now, I have started to toy again with the idea of grooming these bulbuls for competition. Wanted to use the tall cages that is popular in Singapore but have to give up due to difficulty in buying such cages.

Currently head count stands at 4....

Most hobbyists around this region uses the square "Penang cages" with some branches arranged like a miniature tree inside the cage. I have opted to use the "Thai cages" for my purpose with attached "bathroom facilities". This will drastically cut down the time needed to be spent on bathing them.

Penang Jambul:

Thai Jambul:

Can't recall this - he was kept for some time already by a friend:

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Newbie Birdkeeper said...

Hello! Your jambuls look nice. Thanks for the nice pictures. The cages look expensive. But why did you hang them up like merboks? Do they perform better or is that part of the training? Is it true that jambuls should always be at eye level to tame them faster?