Saturday, October 23, 2010

Finding Nemo, the sequel

My son has this preoccupation with Clown Fish. So went out with him on a trip to KL. With food supplies in the car, a bottle of milk & extra change if clothing, we left home at 10.30a.m. after I fed all the birds.

After catching up with a couple of friends over lunch, we went to Sg. Buluh to a wholesaler of fishes (another bird kaki showed me the way). After becoming RM100 poorer, we came home with 3 clown fish, 1 unidentified fish (he calls it air-bag), 1 anemone and 1 puffer fish.

Whew! that should keep him happy for some time. So, the collection of Clown Fishes now are 7 consisting of 3 species....
Hmmm.... this is getting interesting ;-)

Plus learned today there is a pair of Akita for sale in Penang. Maybe.... just maybe :-D

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