Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plan B

Woke up this morning and decided that Plan B need to be executed. What is Plan B?
Plan B = relocation and reduction in stock.
Sigh! no sing also headache, sing also headache :-D

So, some of the noisy buggers and at least 2 pairs will be located above a watering hole (Pub lah!) Leave 3 singers at home. Return some birds on loan from friends. Auction off the Mata Puteh. Give away the Sooty-headed..... ah! that will accord some peace to the neighbours.

Not that they are complaining. But taking cue from Uncle Sam, its called "pre-emptive" hahaha!

Incidently, the related authorities has replied favourably to my breeding plans. Now, to get invited for drafting of the guidelines muahahaha!
I did provide them link to my blog which they may or may not read. Well, hopefully I don't end up in the court of law trying to prove that I am harmless. Hopefully they realise that working together with hobbyists are the way forward ;-)

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