Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keeping the White-rumped Shama

It has often been recommended that a new White-rumped Shama should be kept in a fully covered cage. And to tame it, the cage will then be gradually opened, bit by bit. SOme even recommended that it be hung in a placed with lots of human activities. End point is to get the bird used to humans and to tame it.
Is there an alternative? What if the cloth was never removed. Would the Shama still tame down and rise in form? One such Shama was subjected to such treatment. Totally covered with only an opening in the zipper to provide better ventilation and a peek at the outside world (although through the cloth, shadows of the outside world is still visible). The only time the cloth was removed was during bathing. Well, I have always been an advocator of one odd case is not of statistical importance, but just to note for future reference....
Time to "jadi" appears much shorter. Once "jadi" fear of humans greatly diminished although it still retains certain wild streaks.
Time to test this fella out in the "chai" place. Unfortunately the closest place appears to be in Muar where only of handful are present. This Sunday? sigh.... got sporting appointment :-( too many things to do, too little time....

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