Friday, January 28, 2011

Budgie the Handfed Zebra Dove

This will be a little experimentation on taming a Zebra Dove. Just to see how far I can take it. Will name him Budgie for the purpose. Today, I took him out in the garden for a stroll. Nothing there to frighten it, so Budgie remained well behave. I think I will go get a foot string for Doves for safety sake & start venturing outdoor to get Budgie familiar with the outdoor.

After a brief intro to the night garden, I parked Budgie on an artificial plant to rest. Hopefully the amethyst pass on some positive energy to Budgie.

On another note, went to Wildlife Dept. today to enquire on a few things. Mission accomplished...... many things happening, can't say whether positive or not, but I am sanguine about it ;-)

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