Thursday, January 27, 2011

Handfed Zebra Dove 1

On 17th July 2010, I blogged on handfeeding 2 Zebra Doves (now this is one good reason why I blog - a record keeping for me & a snapshot of my thoughts at the time).

Anyway, many things are happening all at the same time (bird related). All very exciting and all a milestone for the bird keeping community in Malaysia if it falls into place. That would be a topic for another day.

Meanwhile, back to the 2 handfed Zebra Doves. Both have grown up well and calling their typical signature songs. A little long, maybe it would shorten with age (new to me).

This one, I have decided to try and tame it the way people do with budgies & lovebirds - lots of handling, but I decided not to clip its wings. How far can they fly anyway. Most will find their way back. If not, it may be a good thing (stock reduction ;-))

It perched on my finger for a good 45 minutes (initially a little scared and fly all over the house) while I chit chatted over the phone with a friend (Whatsapp style). Am pleased with the progress for the first day in training.

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