Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re-inventing the Wheel

I have often been ask "why re-invent the wheel?" and always, the answer after some careful thought is "why not?".

In my opinion, the quest for a better food, better supplements, sun bathing hours, molting care etc. should never stop. Even if we fail at every step & turn, it would confirm the accepted mainstream method which in itself is a good thing too.

So, I am happy to learn of many attempts in improving food formulas for both seedeaters, fruiteaters, omnivours and insectivorous birds. A friend in Muar and another in Merlimau has reported some breakthroughs. I will normally, as usual get some and test it out even though I think I am already having some of the best food available. Also, a way to encourage them. But sometimes at RM45 per 500g.... can't test on too many birds :-D

But at times when they are mixing knowledge of herbs and health, it is worth pursuing.

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