Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Dove that came home

About a week ago, I was playing with a handfed Zebra Dove outdoor (wirh its wing clipped). When he decided enough was enough and took off.
Well, I wouldn't mind actually if not for the clipped wing. Thought he was surely a gonner as the neighbourhood is teeming with cats and I have spotted a couple of Sparrowhawks on separate occassions.

Two days ago, I noticed a dove feeding around my Java Sparrow aviary. Thought it was a wild dove as they are very common garden birds. And there were no string tied to its leg. Must have lost it somehow. I recignised it when it tried to fly off - its wing has been clipped.

Caught it back and will keep it until it complete another molt. Maybe will release it after that. Appears to be a survivor. With a full set of flight feathers, he would stand a better chance ;-)

Just glad that he is back....

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