Monday, February 28, 2011

Monkey Palm

Trying out the Monkey Palm as an aviary plant. Chosen for its hardiness & ability to thrive with little amount of sunlight. Downside is its lack of branches for the birds. Anyway, not an issue.


Anonymous said...

hi D4R,

i'm lawrence aka spitfire in the Malaysia Bird Forum. really enjoy reading your blog on bird-keeping, it's reading materials which inspired me alot, alike DDS and JeffLow. anyway, just for your info, the scientific name of the palm which you're using for your aviary is known as rhapis excelsa, very good for providing ground cover for birds.

dance4rain said...

Hi Lawrence, glad you like it.
Nothing of substance like DDS and Jeff. Just jotting down happenings, thoughts.
Thanks for the scientific name for the plant. I am no gardener, but for the birds.... sigh! what also have to learn ;-D