Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moving the birds

Due to technical problems, I couldn't relocate my birds prior to Chinese New Year. However, since the Straw-headed Bulbul is showing signs of making nest, I removed my molting pair of Shama to make room for the Bulbuls today.

Sigh! found an egg in the nest. Well, I didn't think that they would be nesting during their molt. So, let me put on record that Shamas do nest during molt. Much like what I learned about Peregrine Falcons - that they molt and breed at the same time.

Too late, I will just incubate this egg and handfeed it if proven fertile. Meanwhile, the Straw-headed is in their new aviary. Very difficult to get the male to cross from their existing cage into the aviary. When he finally crossed over, it is nightfall already.

The Straw-headed Bulbul has made it into the totally protected list in the new Wildlife Conservation Act 2010. Hopefully, the authorities understand what I am trying to do and grant me breeding license. Even if it is to breed & release, it is a worthwhile cause.

Understanding of imprinting is crucial for captive bred birds meant for release.

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