Sunday, February 20, 2011

New indoor Shama aviary

Finally, putting finishing touches to my new aviary for breeding Shamas. Hopefully I can build 4 such contraptions in the soonest time to take advantage of the natural breeding cycle of Shamas.... although Shamas in captivity has been known to breed out of season, so not too bad if a delay becomes inevitable.

There is one fierce 9" bird belonging to a friend that I am interested in breeding from.... besides Apollo X.

This 9" bird maintained its top form throughout captivity until currently where it is molting. I am looking for such birds. Heard of them being mentioned before, but haven't encountered one yet. Fierce Shamas that maintained their form throughout captivity and looks more like seasoned birds rather than wild caught specimens. Isn't that a good trait to foster in captive breeding ;-)

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