Friday, August 27, 2010

Female Shama - arrival

Collected this little princess today. 2nd molt female living in the luxury of a big aviary. Very easy to take out from the aviary. Owner placed a bathing cage inside and throw a couple of crickets in it as bait. She goes in like she has been doing it for years now. Looks promising - I just wanted a female Shama that is used to having people around.

Will take out Apollo X tomorrow and put this female in the aviary.

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -


Unknown said...

Wah long tail chicks comming soon ah! Can book the chicks in advance?
Congrats for getting the female.

dance4rain said...

Hehehe! (sniggering in a greedy manner)
Well Jeff, if its not already obvious, I am waht is known as a "Jack of all trade" - what bird also sapu....
Where got room to keep so many chicks! somebody has to do the job ;-)