Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leucistic Shama pt.2

It may appear common, but rest assured that the leucistic Shama is far from common. I have only encountered 3 so far. I have known of trappers who have not seen one before.
Well, the point is, it has become increasingly difficult to decide which Shama to let go to accommodate this new addition. I think one of the female can go free :-( In Malaysia, we can only keep as many as our license permits. And the issuance of this license has been frozen for years. Was thinking of breeding a hybrid (last resort), as a legal way out :-(

But the leucistic Shama is in my plan too. With the long tailed & the Straw-headed & the sparrows hahaha! there seems to be no end......

The above is a Shama with white throat, short tail but nice long body. Have been with my friend for 2.5 years. Will be interesting to breed Shamas for colour. Then they may fall under the grey area of the law (pun intended).... muahahaha!

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -

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