Saturday, August 21, 2010

The 4 Kings (at the moment)

Today felt like capturing a few of my Shamas on video while I start bathing them. There are 4 singing - would have named them after the 4 heavenly kings of I had acquired all of them at the same time.
The problem is with Zeus - he started his molt again. Not too long after finishing his molt. Braving strong criticism from the birding community, I must say its all my fault. There could be 2 reasons - one of which was the changing of food. This round, I wanted to try a new food on him. Instead of the gradual change by adding the new food to the old one, I decided to offer him 2 cups of different food.
For the 1st week, he did not touch the new food. Then suddenly he ate only the new food. Well, I thought must give him some credit on wisdom. He should know what he is doing hehehe! Then 1 primary tail feather dropped and another one drop 2 days later. Could it be reason no. 2??? - for me to know only :-D maybe one day I will document it down ;-)
Interestingly, Zeus's form wasn't good after his molt. But currently his form picks up as he enters into his molt hmmmm..... interesting. I shall observe further......

But then.... I shall not experiment with Zeus any more.... I shall not experiment with Zeus anymore.... I shall not experiment with Zeus anymore....

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