Monday, August 2, 2010

Leucistic Shama

Wow! A new word for me...... leucistic (thanks to Jeffrey for shedding some light to the term), an accurate description for this Shama. He dropped his tail feather today. Hopefully it's the beginning of a molt and not some creature pulled out his tail. He is one of the type that has a wild nature. Going to be difficult to tame & start singing :-(

Slightly shorter than 6". Hopefully he will grow a 6.5" tail after this. Sort of to balance a little bit. Otherwise, not so nice leh ;-)

A difficult Shama to photograph due to it's wild nature too.

Now, getting boring, so what next? thought of free flying a lovebird. Maybe I should stick to existing stock and free fly a Hill Myna instead hahaha!

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -

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