Monday, August 9, 2010

Sightings of Sparrowhawks

This year the Japanese Sparrowhawks appear to be early in their annual migration. I was in Umbai savouring their specialty there which is grilled fish (ikan bakar) with a friend and his wife when we saw a total of three birds. Actually we were there to confirm early sightings of them by some Tekukur trappers. The Sparrowhawks are not due until at least mid to end of September. So, this year they are very early.

Maybe, just maybe it is the early sign of monsoon too this year. With the current widespread of flooding all over Asia, it could have been a triggering factor. Anyway, that's the job of the meteorologists or scientists, or whoever is in charge ;-)

The Sparrowhawks are both welcomed and loathed visitors depending which end of the bird keeping fraternity you are on. They are the worst enemies of the Tekukur trappers and bird keepers who wants to sun their birds in the open. To others, it marks the beginning of an adventure ahead ;-)

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