Monday, June 11, 2012

3rd Clutch

It used to be a dreaded picture.... oh! Must have thrown out the egg, broken its own eggs, soft shells etc etc.

Actually after many years of trying, it is now a psitive image. Wa! 3rd clutch leh!
So, I am busy like the mother bird, trying to find suitable live food for them. Unfortunately pin-head sized crickets are not so readily available. So I am now picking one by one the smaller sized crickets.

Of course when I get more breeding pairs, I have to re-look into all these supplies....

Another positive image is the parent bird with food in its beak visiting the nest ;)
A sure sign that there is life in it....

The CCTV is acting up. After a black-out a couple of weeks ago, I cannot get visuals. Must have been the settings that were reset when it happened. Sigh! need to find the manual to troubleshoot :(

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