Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3rd Clutch

Photo of 3rd clutch taken today (12th June 2012).... Appears to be 3 chicks with an unhatched egg. Easier now to take photo inside the nest after I installed a small light that can be switched on from outside.

At least 2 chicks hatched on 11th June 2012 as female was seen carrying out the empty egg shell from the nest. One in the morning and one in the late afternoon.

I am keeping track on this blog the events because I need to inform the Wildlife Department of such matters. Just in case I lose track on the dates and stuff as I am very sure with the passage of time, it will all become a blur. Non of them will be for sale. I am keeping them all. They will be my valuable F1 stock to produce F2 chicks next year.

A lot of people think that I think too big. Yeah its probably a genetic fault that I cannot do anything about :D but I have a strong suspicion that most of them did not know just how "big".....
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