Thursday, June 28, 2012

Red Jungle Fowl.... a change in plan

I called a friend yesterday to ask him to look out for Red Jungle Fowl eggs when he goes wandering in the jungle as he most often likes to do. There is a change of heart in the policy makers in the country. Licenses for the keeping Red Jungle Fowl may be issued, together with hunting licenses other than using a gun for them. What it means is, if we are willing to pay, we can keep them and catch the wild ones using other methods (other than the traditional guns). It means that interest level in these chicken will soar. It also means that I could venture to safeguard pure lines of the Red Jungle Fowl.

According to some, there may not be any pure ones out there. Some disagree. I think there might be a chance too. Pheasant like features. Anyway, the new law is still pending approval. But finding good specimens takes time and is not as straight forward as going out to purchase one. Couple with the fact that a wild Jungle Fowl is known to bolt for the jungle even when raised together from hatchlings together with kampung chickens. So, I will look for eggs as a better bet and hope to accumulate enough to start a breeding program of sorts. Anyway I have a little experience raising pure looking RJF which may come in handy one of these days. And my network of chicken trappers are second only to Shama trappers hahaha! ;)

This will be fun......

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