Saturday, June 16, 2012

Diet for the Shama

After reading much discussions by people more knowledgeable than me on topics regarding the perfect diet for Shamas, I feel moved to at least try one very high protein diet. Nearly 60% protein content when calculated on its dry weight content.

With ingredients listed like meat meal, poultry meal, ground beet pulp, fish meal, spirulina, brewers dried yeast and a host of listed essential nutrients, it appears to be a diet to silence all high protein diet. Do I dare feed Shama chicks on it.... appears a good idea at the moment, but I shall refrain from it and test it on a molting adult Shama. This Shama has has a form that yo-yo up and down - mostly down :D

But has a very good song if he so chooses to sing ;)
If this diet does something for him, then I can venture further with it. If it doesn't.... all goes to the crow hahaha!

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