Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Common Tree Shrew

Looks like a squirrel to me hahahaha!
Nice little creatures I found a neighbour keeping. Was told its called "Tupai Tanah" in Malay. Found out from the forum its called the Common Tree Shrew or Tupaia Glis. They are still babies.
Photo was taken on 23rd June. On the morning of 24th June, through an act of carelessness of the neighour, one escaped. I was visiting then and it was many hours since the escape, we saw some movement among the flower pots. I finally caught the tupai or actually it came scurrying to my hand near the fence. Very soft to the touch. In my opinion, much better than the Sugar Gliders commonly sold in pet shops ;)

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Anonymous said...

i have a shrew. what is the life span of tree shrew?