Sunday, June 15, 2008

Juvenile Shamas

Juvenile Shamas are commonly referred to as "Tai Mong" where I lives. Shamas from different parts of the country are well known for certain traits they possess. Personally, I do not know how true they are but many hobbyists are willing to pay extra for Shamas that originates from certain area. A friend has been pestering me for weeks to help him get a "Tai Mong" from Grik in Perak. Shamas from the area are well known for their fierceness.

Can't confirm any of it, but the "Tai Mong" that I got for him 2 days ago is a wonderful specimen as far as physical charateristics goes. Was a bit reluctant to buy one for him though due to many problems that may arise from it. Sigh...... ! just to get him off my back ;)

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