Monday, June 16, 2008

Protecting Indigenous Animals

Today’s paper (The Star) has a very interesting article on the Korean Jindo Dog. It originates from the Island of Jindo in South Korea. Since 1962, the Jindo has been designated as a National Monument. Its exportation is prohibited and there is a national effort to preserve its purity from the danger of cross breeding. Looks like we have a lot to learn eh? Now its 2008 and what have we (Malaysia) done for our indigenous breed of animals?

If you are wondering why I am going off topic in a blog dedicated to birds by writing about dogs, well, its my blog and I will do as I please hehehehe! Anyway, its really related. This is something we should be doing for the Red Jungle Fowl.

An animal closer to the topic involved would be the Telomian Dog. Discovered in 1963 by Dr. Orville Elliot, living among the aborigines in the jungles of Malaysia. It is named after the Telom River, near where it was discovered. In the U.S. there is already a Telomian Dog Club and all Telomians there has their roots traced to only 2 pairs exported to U.S. years ago.

In its country of origin, Malaysia, the Telomians are relatively unknown. Most people would prefer the imported dogs like the Shih Tzu, Rottweilers, Snauzers and gosh! Some even go for Huskies – in tropical Malaysia, poor dogs! I myself keeps a pair of “American Pitbull Terriers” (which themselves has a history that reads like a novel) and maybe when the time comes for them to be reincarnated, I may consider the Telomians. If I can find one.

Would the Telomians go the way of the Dodo birds? Maybe, maybe not – we can’t lose something we do not know we have ;).

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Sigh!..... I am cursed.

The Telomian Dog:

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